469-386-9989 Yinett MPS offers property management services for residential and commercial properties in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Contact us to learn how we can help get the most of your rental property.

Property Management Services in Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX


Why we excel

We have over 8 years experience in both private and commercial rental properties in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. We understand closely the connection between finding the right tenant as well as taking care of all the work behind maintaining your property. We are a full service property management company that handles every step from inspecting the property to the move-out and starting the process again with a new tenant. We use state of the art property management software that allow us to:

  • List your property
  • Inspections
  • Accept tenant applications and screen tenants
  • Designated owner and tenant portal to track rent as well as activity
  • Secure payment portal
  • Vendor portals
  • Portfolio and Property Management reports

Our goal is to make sure that yourself as well as your property is taken care of at all times. Allow us to do what we are good at so that you can focus on the important things in your life. Contact us for an overview of your property and learn why we are here to help and give you peace of mind!

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